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Ellie, (age 15), from Portsmouth

The treatment was very worthwhile and I am delighted with the result. Thank you very much for giving me the confidence to smile at every opportunity. I would recommend you to all my friends and the experience has been really positive.

Abigail, (age 12), from Southsea

I want to thank you for all your good work in making my teeth lovely and straight. Keep up all the good hard work that you do.

Laura, (age 13), from Purbrook

I'm really pleased with my teeth, they have done an excellent job. Everyone is so kind and helpful at the surgery.


Laura before

Laura before


Laura after

Laura after

Mr Stephen Gladstone - father of patient; Grace Gladstone, from Southsea

Your kindness, gentle approach, reassurances and explanation to Grace at all stages of the treatment made an important difference to a young girl undergoing what was to her a major treatment programme. I know that you are supported also by a good team of assistants and I also thank them for their efficiency and politeness at all points of contact.

Katie Robinson, (age 14), from Portsmouth

I have always been self conscious about my teeth and hated having my photo taken. After I had my braces fitted I noticed the difference in the way my teeth looked and couldn't believe it. I am so glad I had braces fitted now. I would just like to say to anyone who is unsure, please go ahead it's really worthwhile and will put the smile back on your face.

Marissa Bailey, from Portsmouth

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Treatment by registered UK
General Dental Council Specialists




Orthodontic treatment involves
the wearing of fixed braces or
removable braces which are used
to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment

All forms of orthodontics are available
including Invisalign, cosmetic tooth-
coloured braces or hidden braces


Payments can be evenly spread over the first 12 months of treatment duration with no credit charges


The majority of orthodontics for
children is provided under the NHS. However, all Adult Treatment is only available on a private basis.

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