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Our Orthodontists

Dr Thomas Hartridge BDS, FDS, MSc, MOrth  (GDC reg number 71888)

Tom graduated from Bristol Dental Hospital in 1996 and obtained his orthodontic postgraduate qualifications from Bristol University and the Royal College of Surgeons in 2001. He is on the GDC specialist list for orthodontics.

Before qualifying as a specialist orthodontist Tom has worked as a general dentist and also worked for a number of years in hospital oral surgery posts. This provides the experience and knowledge to deal with the many problems seen in a specialist orthodontic practice.

Tom enjoys seeing the transformations possible from orthodontic treatment and the great improvements that can be made every day to peoples' lives.

Tom lives in Southsea with his wife and two young children, who keep him very busy when he's not working!


Dr Nicholas Turnbull BDS, FDS, MSc, MOrth, FDS (Orth) RCS Edin
(GDC reg number 67451)

Nick graduated from Cardiff Dental Hospital in 1992 and obtained his postgraduate qualifications from the Royal London Dental Hospital and the Royal College of Surgeons both in London and Edinburgh. He is on the GDC specialist list for orthodontics.

Following qualification as a specialist orthodontist he worked for the Royal Navy in Portsmouth. Then undertook further training to NHS Consultant level at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, which led to an NHS consultant post until 2010. This involved training of future specialists and clinical research. He keeps up to date on the latest techniques by attending regular meetings and courses. He also lectures at clinical meetings regionally and nationally, and is a member of the British Orthodontic Society, the European Orthodontic Society, and the World federation of Orthodontists.

Nick has a clinical interest in adult orthodontics, high speed low friction treatment (Damon system) and low visibility cosmetic orthodontics such as Invisalign.

Nick lives in Southsea. His interests include running and Triathlon.

Dr Skjalg Johnsen DDS, PhD  (GDC reg number 84208)
Charles graduated from the Karolinska Institute Dental School in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000. While practicing as a general dentist he continued with research at the Karolinska Institute and obtained his PhD in 2005. Shortly after this he started a postgraduate training at the Eastman Institute in Stockholm and later obtained his orthodontic postgraduate qaulifications. He is on the GDC specialist list for orthodontics.
Following qualification as a specialist orthodontist he continued working at the famous Eastman Institute developing the department and leading the training of new specialists.
In the field of orthodontics he favours the Damon system, especially for adults, which allows shorter treatment periods and fewer visits based on low friction treatment. Further, when treatment planning Charles aims for ‘face-driven orthodontics’, meaning that focusing on the teeth is only a part of the whole picture. Modern specialists are trained to include the patients face, profile and lips in order to individualise and optimise the result.

Charles lives in Southsea with his wife. He has an interest in music and art, likes to travel and play badminton.

Dr Joshua Robinson BDS, DDS, FDSRCS, MOrth  (GDC reg number 211293)
Josh graduated in Dentistry from Kings College London in 2011, and was part of the first cohort of dental students to have a placement at the Portsmouth Dental Academy. This was followed by foundation training in Portsmouth and hospital post in Cardiff and Bristol in Maxillofacial Surgery, complex restorative dentistry and the community dental services, with an emphasis on the dental health of children.
He completed his specialist Orthodontic training at Bristol Dental School and the Royal United Hospital in Bath. He is on the GDC specialist for Orthodontics and a member of the British Orthodontic Society and the World Federation of Orthodontists.

Josh lives near Petersfield in the South Downs and enjoys taking advantage of the countryside including running, cycling and playing golf.


Tom Hartridge

Nick Turnbull

Skjalg Johnsen

Joshua Robinson

We are also supported by 2 registered Orthodontic Therapists

What is an Orthodontic Specialist?

All treatment in the practice is carried out by General Dental Council (GDC) registered specialists in Orthodontics and aided by our two orthodontic therapists working to our prescription.The orthodontists have all been trained to Specialist level and gained Masters degrees and Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons examinations in orthodontics. The comprehensive specialist training allows us to treat all types of complex dental orthodontic problems with the most up to date appliances and materials. View the GDC specialist list at:

Our professional support staff

Sara Wiseman - Practice Manager  GDC: 125016
Lorraine Booth - Orthodontic Therapist  GDC: 154875
Jennifer Hutchings - Orthodontic Therapist  GDC: 238541
Dawn Holmes - Senior Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 112404
Tanya Morgan - Senior Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 181971
Julie Nugent - Orthodontic Dental Nurse   GDC:149888
Natalie Couch - Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 203826
Rosie Barwick- Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 265098
Sarah Andrews- Orthodontic Dental Nurse GDC: 246154
Sarah Tucker - Orthodontic Dental Nurse GDC: 138769
Sian Cains - Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 187181
Donna Brooker - Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 135576
Caroline Hancock - Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 125340
Charlotte Cochrane - Orthodontic Dental Nurse  GDC: 266905
Chrissie Warden - Trainee Dental Nurse
Elena Christina Straub - Trainee Dental Nurse
Andrea Harmar - Receptionist
Sandra Knight - Receptionist

Our Professional Associations

British Orthodontic Society (Member)

British Orthodontic Society (Member)


European Orthodontic Society (Member)
European Orthodontic Society (Member)


World federation of Orthodontists (Member)

World federation of Orthodontists (Member)


British Dental Association (Member)

British Dental Association (Member)


Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (Fellows)
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (Fellows)

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Treatment by registered UK
General Dental Council Specialists




Orthodontic treatment involves
the wearing of fixed braces or
removable braces which are used
to straighten your teeth and correct your bite. Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatment

All forms of orthodontics are available
including Invisalign, cosmetic tooth-
coloured braces or hidden braces


Payments can be evenly spread over the first 12 months of treatment duration with no credit charges


The majority of orthodontics for
children is provided under the NHS. However, all Adult Treatment is only available on a private basis.

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